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~ Collections From My Sandbox ~

Author and Illustrator ~ Katherine "Pearl" Miller



I LOVE PEARL!  A Black Santa Book!!!

What a beautiful gift for my grandchildren - who still believe in Santa and to know and Believe that Santa is of color - Merry Christmas!!!

Daisy Schlegel, Brooklyn, New York

Each and every day your Dancing Bear painting over my kitchen sink makes me smile.  Thank you Pearl!      I smile and start my day in joy.  

Miles and Miles of Smiles...

Roberto Graziani, Greenwich, Connecticut

I'm excited for our new tradition this Christmas.  Santa's Magic Key and the yummy story about compassion and kindness, is awesome!   My children are already wearing the key as a necklace, we've had so many discussions about kindness.  Love it! 

Mary Sheridan, Ridgefield, Connecticut

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